About us

About ERA Chartering

ERA Chartering was founded in 2018. We’re fully independent shipbrokers. Based on years of experience in the chartering of seagoing vessels and related shipping services, we select the best vessels available in the market to provide you exceptional services at affordable prices.

Every ware has it's particular care

We are determined to find the best tailor-made solution for any kind of dry cargo of any required size. Our knowledge and experience ensure that we’ll transport and deliver our customers’ cargo to their expected level of quality.

Assume nothing
Question Everything
Verify All

About us

Every team member has worked in the field of chartering and shipping for decades. We all have a very strong team spirit and are dedicated to using our expertise to provide the best solution in shipping your cargo.


Ramses de Vries

Partner / Shipbroker

Active as shipping agent from 1997 till 2003 and chartering broker from 2004 till now.

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Marcel Reabel 1

Marcel Reabel

Operator / Shipbroker

Active as shipping agent from 1993 till 1997 and ship operator and chartering broker from 1997 till now. 

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Sebastian Perdok

Sebastian Perdok


Active as ship operator from 2006 till 2010 and shipbroker from 2011 till now. 

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Era chartering - Jonas Benorden 2

Jonas Benorden

Shipbroker (deepsea)

Active as dry bulk cargo broker from 2013 till today.
specialized in world wide trading of Handysize- upto Ultramax vessels

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Our activities are built around chartering of seagoing vessels, for both shortsea and deepsea. We charter the right vessel to suit the particular cargo, and in addition to transportation, we even arrange pre-carriage and onwards-carriage of your cargo, surveys, stevedoring, and agency services. In the Rotterdam area, we personally deal with agencies on your behalf, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to secure the most competitively priced services.

Let's discuss your vessel requirements.